I’ve created large-scale award-winning trade show displays for ARC Document Solutions, Sub-Hub, the CREST Foundation, and International Mortgage.  The ARC display shown at the IRgA convention in Las Vegas included large and small display designs, video (that I edited), as well as brochures and flyers that I designed.  I wanted the IRgA trade show to be an experience, rather than “just a booth,” and believe that was achieved.

The Sub-Hub displays at the CSI convention won a “Best in Show” trade show booth award.  I designed the posters, brochures, and flyers for that event as well.

The CREST Foundation gala required displays that could be assembled and disassembled very quickly.  Full disclosure: I did not design the CREST logo, although I did create an identity package around it.  I worked with one of ARC’s acquired companies in the Las Vegas area to create the displays last-minute.  I also designed the invitations and menus for the event.

ARC Document Solutions at IRgA Trade Show, Las Vegas


Sub-Hub at CSI Convention, Winner of Merit Multiple Booth Award


CREST Foundation Gala Fundraiser, Las Vegas